Dieters : Put MORE Focus on Food

Ephedra has also been proven to cause major side effects and health problems.Caffeine used in many forms from tea and coffee to pills is another very popular weight loss supplement on the market today. In our search for better looks we are willing to endanger our health to the point of madness, while all the time we have natural and beneficial ways of keeping fit and looking good right before our very noses.Only healthy diet combined with regular exercise guarantees long term weight loss and good looks, and that goes for both women and men. In your effort to lose weight and look better (remember that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder) remember that there is no magic pill that will make you look and feel good.

Some people ask me, “Why is a professional singer teaching fitness?” What makes me a fitness expert? What can I teach you about fitness that you can’t learn at the gym?Just like world-class athletes who train with intense discipline and push physical strength to the limit, world-class singers also train with that kind of intensity and drive for perfection.Over the 25 years I performed professionally, I trained hard in the one thing that is the foundation for all singers – breathing. Not just “relax and take a deep breath” kind of stuff, but focused, disciplined practices that allowed me to have the kind of endurance and vocal strength to star in dozens of shows.

To fill a hall with sound (with no microphone) hour after hour and to never miss a single performance! (I’m the Brett Farve of classical singing. Brett Farve is the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, who never misses a game!) Add being a mother of five to that picture, and you can see that I needed a lot of energy!I studied “advanced breathing” from every source I could find and the more I practiced the more I noticed other great things happening to me besides my voice getting better. I had more energy, more endurance, I lost weight (something I’d struggled with for many years, coming from a family with a genetic pre-disposition to being over-weight).


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